Behind The Scenes: Making Candles at Cabin

July 12, 2021

Making candles for the Cabin. Campfire and Big Pine scented candles.

As soon as Cabin Guy launched, they knew they wanted to incorporate exclusive products to perfectly fit the cabin lifestyle. Candles were top of the list along with a few other cabin staples like cornhole and cozy wool blankets. It just so happened that Cabin Girl, Jill (customer service team member) was in the business of making candles so they were able to find a close source right here in Minnesota. The stars were aligned and we got to work creating rustic, cozy scented candles that would bring you right to the cabin whether you’re near or far away. So how are these candles made exactly?

The first and most important step was deciding which scents to create and what vessels we wanted. The Cabin Guys settled on cool, rustic amber Balls jars and classic silver tins for smaller sizes. They also chose two signature cabin scents: Campfire & Big Pine.

Cabin Guy Candle Ball Jars and Tins               

Once supplies have been gathered, we need to prep the vessels by adding the wicks. We chose to use wood wicks to mimic the crackle of a bonfire and we love the natural aspect of the wood.

The next step is to melt the wax. We use a big melting pot with a spigot which helps create a consistent melt. We add the wax to a pouring pitcher and let it cool to ~175 degrees F before we can add the essential oils. Fun fact: If you add oils in when the wax is too hot, they will burn off and you will lose a lot of the fragrance.

Melting the Cabin Guy Wax Candles              

Then we pour in the oils. This is all very precise as there is an exact ratio of wax to oil that we need to meet. We use a small digital scale to make sure it is precise. Who knew making candles was so scientific?!

We stir the oils by hand in the wax for two minutes for optimal blend.Then it’s time to pour the candles! We also weigh each candle as we pour for consistency.

Pouring the Cabin Guy Candles               

Let them sit and watch them turn into the beautiful candles you see available on Cabin Guy.


Something else that was important to the Cabin Guys through the development process was using sustainable materials. The jars and tins are easily reusable after they are done burning. Just use hot water to clean them out and you can reuse them as decoration or a storage container for odds and ends. The wax is 100% natural soy wax and we use natural essential oils (no nasty chemical gunk in these candles!). The candles will burn clean which is so important up in the northwoods. Whether you’re more of a pine tree lover or a campfire king, you will love the Cabin Guy candles!


Note: Cabin Guy candles are hand-poured in Apple Valley, MN in partnership with Chicwood Candle Co.

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