The Fire Pit is Central to Cabin Life - Friends, Family and Dogs

June 01, 2022

Cute dogs around a fire pit at the cabin

The fire pit is essential to any cabin. It is the central place around which so much cabin life revolves. Long nights spent staring into the fire, sharing stories and laughs and good times. Even the cabin dogs sometimes join us at the fire pit wearing their dog bandana - how cute.

Moose fire pit at the cabin

Cabin Guy is a celebration of that special place where we have shared some of the best times of our lives with friends and family. For 38 years seven friends have spent a long weekend at the cabin together, never missing a year, and that eventually evolved into the Cabin Guy lifestyle brand.  The Cabin Guy fire crown logo itself is the stylized representation of the fire pit around which we have gathered for almost 40 years. For the cabin guys, the fire pit is so central to our annual pilgrimage that we literally built a brand around it.

Cabin guy fire pit logo

The fire pit at the original cabin where we gathered for the first 30 years was nothing more than a collection of rocks organized into a circle to keep the grass from starting on fire.  Seating was either a stump, log, or if you were lucky a lawn chair that you found in the garage.  Perilously close to the basketball hoop, this OG fire pit was sometimes the site of strategic kill-ball maneuvers (“someone is going to get hurt and it’s not going to be me”) or an occasional ‘Sheed grudge match against a guy with a plate in his head. 

homemade rock fire pit

As time rolled on, and the cabin evolved, a new fire pit emerged that has played host to similar evening sessions of talking smart, beer die, and fireworks.  Props to YardCreations in Brainerd, MN for their work bringing this epic fire pit to life!

Playing beer die at the cabin fire pit
New fire pit at the cabin by the lake
lake fireworks at the cabin with friends

One thing that has not changed is the use of the fire pit to grill seven massive porterhouse steaks for the signature Cabin Guy feast.  The steaks are special ordered from  Hackenmueller's Meat Market, and are about an inch and a half thick and weigh in at a hefty 2 pounds apiece.  Season it just right for a steak that is grilled over an open wood fire.  For more details on grilling Cabin Guy style see our recipe here

Grilling steaks on a tripod over the fire pit

One mandatory accessory for any fire pit is a cooking tripod. This can be homemade like the one at the OG fire pit, nothing more than a few steel pipes, a cable and pulley and a few clamps. Or you can find one online and read the reviews here. Key elements are a grill that hangs suspended from the tripod and can be raised and lowered. This allows you to spin the grill to maintain even cooking and raise or lower to adjust the heat to avoid burning your feast. 

 Cooking corn over the firepit at the cabin

If you don’t have access to a fire pit when you are out camping or hiking or on the road, try the solo stove fire pits. This will allow you to take your fire pit experience with you on the road.

The fire pit comes in all shapes and sizes, and is even portable if you need. While a good fire, a cooler, and a place to sit are important, the most essential accessory present at any good fire pit is great friends and if they don't keep you warm enough check out a comfy sweatshirt :) and stay warm!

Friends around the cabin fire pit

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