Building a Beer Die Table at the Minnesota Cabin

November 21, 2020 1 Comment

Building a Beer Die Table at the Minnesota Cabin

Beer Die is a Cabin Guy favorite.

If you are not familiar with the game you should visit our friends at DyeIsLife for rules to play.

Start with a 4’ x 8’ piece of plywood.  You want plain, unlaminated, half-inch thick plywood. For legs, use a pair of sawhorses.  Sawhorses work perfectly, and have the added bonus of being useful for many other things.  We prefer the ones with adjustable height for maximum versatility.

Set the plywood on the sawhorses, grab a pair of dice, and technically you are ready to play... but waitthe best part is painting a design on your table! A beer die table is not just a functional piece of equipment to facilitate your enjoyment of many adult beverages - A beer die table is a work of art.

Plan your beer die table to include a large design or designs in the center, small designs for each corner where the cup markers reside, and you will need a line down the center. 

How you do your artwork is up to you, but we prefer spray paint stencils which can be made freehand if you have that kind of skill, or by finding images online and enlarging them and cutting them out to create your own stencils. 

One of the benefits of using sawhorses is the opportunity to create different art on each side of the table, so you can change your artwork on game day by simply flipping over the table. This is also useful when one of the players slams his fist on the table in a fit of rage and spills beer all over the playing surface. A quick table flip and you’re right back at it. 

Important tip:  when applying the spray paint make sure you spray lightly and don’t get too close, applying the spray paint too thick will result in bleeding. A few imperfections along the way is nothing to worry about, they add authenticity to a Cabin Guy’s beer die table!  Also, a little overspray or bleeding can be fixed with a razor blade and a little touch up at the end. Try not to get the paint on your Cabin Guy swseatshirt!

When you’re done spray painting your masterpiece remember to coat it with clear matte finish. Now you're ready to play.

For more on the great game of beer die, look for future articles right here. We also have another story about beer die at our Minnesota Cabin.


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January 12, 2022

Solid writeup!

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