Refreshing Summer Drinks for the Cabin from Crushers to Cocktails

June 29, 2022

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Drinking at the cabin covers many moods and settings…often in the same day!  Cabin Guys and Girls make the most of every precious day at the Cabin; we may spend hours on the water during the day, enjoy cocktails on the deck or on a sunset cruise in the evening, and sip something around the firepit late into the night.  Great days with friends don’t rely upon adult beverages, but the right liquid refreshment at the right moment can sure add to the fun.

While we have great appreciation for the mixologists of the world, at the cabin we are looking for convenience, and that means something ready to drink.  From the pontoon to the firepit, there is nothing like plunging your hand into a YETI cooler filled with seriously cold beverages, and tossing one to whoever is ready.  The act itself is a commitment to keep the good times rolling just a little longer.  In addition to the growing number of beer options, we now have an incredible array of cocktails in cans to choose from to slay your thirst.  So cue “Good Times Roll” from the Cabin Guy Full Cooler Chillout playlist as we share some of our favorites.  We include ABV ratings so you can make the responsible choice for any particular occasion.  Don’t let the smooth taste fool you, some of these pack a punch.

Traditional Crushers:  these are the ones to reach for when it is blazing hot and you are in need of some cool hydration.  Lighter in alcohol, inexpensive and easy to find, these classics are best enjoyed really, really cold.

Cabin Fever Beer better than Coors Light

Coors Light: 4.2% ABV.  The Silver Bullet.  Possibly the greatest beer moniker of all time.  An ice-cold Coors Light goes down super easy and there never seem to be any extras at the end of the day!


Grain Belt Premium aka Primo Perfect Cabin Beer

Grain Belt Premium:4.6% ABV. From New Ulm, MN and celebrated with an iconic neon sign near the Mississippi in Minneapolis. Better known as “Primo”, this classic has earned a spot on any lazy day on the water.  Easy drinking with a notes of nostalgia.


Leinenbugel Summer Shandy | Wisconsin Beer | Cabin Beer

Leinenkugel Summer Shandy: 4.2% ABV.  A traditional wheat beer with a lemonade kick.  Tastes like summer and seems to be particularly popular when the grill is in action.  A summer shandy with BBQ chicken or a brat is hard to beat.


Koozie | Coozie | Kozy | Cabin Koozie

Did we mention that these should be served really COLD. Oh, yeah, we did, but it bears repeating. We believe in walking the walk, not just talking the talk, so an important Cabin Guy pro tip is to include our popular Cabin Chiller Koozie in your cabin plans. Also really valuable for providing just the right grip during games of Cabin Guy Whiffleball that go extra innings.

IPAs: You just gotta like a nice IPA - the iconic craft beer. That’s a good thing, but let’s be honest, it can be easy to go overboard on the hops when you enter IPA waters. We have selected a few that are accessible for regular beer drinkers. Don’t get us wrong, these options will still satisfy that guy who wears Red Wing Boots with his rolled-up jeans and has spent way too much time grooming his beard. You know that guy. He will nod approvingly and salute your good taste. All good bro! 

IPA Beer | Stone Delicious | Cabin Beer

Stone Delicious IPA: ABV 7.7%.  Excellent IPA with citrus-forward notes that cut through heat and humidity like a hot knife through butter.  A crowd-pleaser.



IPA Beer | Goose Island | Cabin Beer

Goose Island IPA: 5.9% ABV.  6-time medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival, this beauty is a rock-solid option for IPA fans. 



Bent Paddle | IPA Beer | Cabin Beer

Bent Paddle IPA: 6.2% ABV.  Hoppy, citrus, and pine flavors make this a distinctive offering.  Bent Paddle has a large number of other offerings so explore a little.


A nice IPA is a great accompaniment to a Cabin Guy Steak. The grillmaster will appreciate the beverage support while keeping a close eye on those brontosaurus cuts.  For those lucky enough to enjoy the meal, an IPA provides a hearty complement to a great steak.

Cabin Cocktails:  No category has seen more growth than ready to drink cocktails.  We are not talking about hard seltzers here, because we know you’ve already got that game figured out.  We are talking about spirits-based cocktails that are ready to drink.  You never knew you needed a Moscow Mule or Paloma in a can, but you did (and do).  How about grabbing a Mojito… from the cooler?  How about yes.  New options are coming along all the time, making a great cocktail as easy as pouring a beer.  What a great time to be alive.  With so many to choose from, we have happily tested a few options for your summer cocktail enjoyment. 

Cabin Cocktails | Cutwater Tiki Rum Mai Tai | Rum Mai Tai

Cutwater Tiki Rum Mai Tai, 12.5% ABV.  You can’t go wrong with Cutwater.  They offer more than 28 (at last count) cocktails in a can. Yep.  Whether based on Vodka, Tequila, Whisky or Rum, they have your cabin cocktail fever remedy.  With a full 12 oz. can of goodness, you can take your time admiring the sunset.


Cabin Cocktails | Fisher's Island Lemonade | Cabin Drinks | Cabin Guy

Fisher’s Island Lemonade, 9.0% ABV.  You need to try this.  Whiskey AND Vodka?  Cats and dogs living together? Total chaos.  Miracles do happen, and are made better with a tart lemonade kick.  A family recipe from an inn on Long Island Sound, this is a home run.  They also offer spiked tea with lemonade. Pucker up.


Cabin Cocktails | Cocktail Courier Margarita Party Can | Cabin Drinks | Cabin Guy

Cocktail Courier Margarita Party Can, 12.5% ABV.  Yes, you read that correctly.  This is a party can with 1.75L of good times per can.  Translated into Cabin Guy metrics, that mean 12 full-sized cocktails.  It might need it’s own intro music.  So find some friends, or make some new ones with this bad boy.


Cabin Cocktails | Cantina Ranch Water | Cabin Drinks | Cabin Guy

Cantina Ranch Water, 5.6% ABV. Ranch Water is the coolest new summer cocktail, so you will impress your friends by adding this to the mix. Essentially a West Texas skinny margarita made with Tequila & Lime juice with a little fizz.  Canteen has a line of options that are low carb, zero sugar, and delicious. Perfect for a hot day in Texas. Giddy up.

Hope you enjoy these options.  Be careful out there.  We like our friends and families, and want them to have a great time, and a safe time.  Guessing you do as well.  Cabin Guys and Girls always know who is the designated boat driver and always have non-alcoholic options available.  Cheers.

This is the Life.

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