Field of Dreams: Cabin Guy Wiffle Ball

January 27, 2021

dock on the lake at the cabin with view of our wiffle ball court

As we have experienced over the years there will be times during your stay at the cabin where a little friendly competition is in order.  When you’re off the lake, out of the water, or in from a hike, consider a game of Wiffle Ball - a sure cure for cabin fever!

Wiffle Ball is something that is easy to procure, quick to set up and loads of fun to play.  One of the best aspects of Wiffle Ball is that all levels of skill can play, creating an inclusive activity which provides instant entertainment along with controversies which will be debated for years.

The Field:  If you Build it…

While we generally agree with the rules established by our friends at the World Wiffle Ball Championships, when you are playing at the cabin the Irregular Fields and Pitching rules are the most critical to establish at the outset of your competition.  Irregular may be an understatement - below is our field.

Most of us do not have anything resembling a regulation field so we are squeezing our field in between cabins, trees, rock formations, storage sheds and other impediments on the property.  All of these accommodations add to the entertainment value of your experience.  We at Cabin Guy believe the lack of a perfect field should never get in the way of a chance for plastic bat to meet plastic ball.  If you have a bush as part of the playing field – no problem.   If part of a garage defines out of bounds but hitting over it is in play – even better.  We love game-changing plays which require evaluating the risk/reward tradeoffs….”I could drive this to center field and bring the guy on first home…but if I jack it over the chimney then we both score….and if I miss the inning is over and my teammates will mercilessly rip me.”   These obstacles add to the spice of the game as long as everyone agrees ahead of time. 

The Teams

Given our odd number of Cabin Guys, we have typically played with 3 batters and 3 fielders with someone who rotates thru as the pitcher. 

General advice on forming teams – don’t stack.  We’ve typically had an ongoing old guy vs young guy annual grudge match that works for us, but the teams are balanced.   If you are starting from scratch, try to make the teams as even as possible and adjust based on what unfolds. Below are the original 7 Cabin Guys before a game.

The Game

As it relates to pitching – basic rule is don’t be a jerk.  Your job is to get the ball in play, not throw high heat and start a brawl.  Toss it in there with a reasonable chance for someone to hit it.  Pro tip on pitching:  If you have someone hobbled from prior cabin activities (it happens) or recovering from some orthopedic procedure and you have odd numbers make that person the “full-time” pitcher.

Also, remember you are NEVER out of a wiffle ball game.  Down 10 runs….no problem!  It is amazing how often one epic inning changes the dynamics in a game.  Keep swinging.  Rally time.

Here is where we suggest some modifications.  We encourage you to create your own “rules” for the experience you and your crew want to achieve.

Cabin Guy Rules:

  • Without exception – fielders must always have a beverage in hand during play. You may be out there a while, so a koozie or Yeti tumbler may be in order to keep you hydrated.  Yes, this means all catches are made with one (bare) hand.
  • Strike Out Rule – Assuming the pitches are reasonable, a swing and miss for a third strike must be penalized! Deduct a run?  You decide.
  • Limit Innings: A little whiffle ball goes a long way.  Find a happy medium and decide on the number of innings ahead of time.  We normally settle on 5.  Remember these innings can take a while and make sure you have enough ice.
  • Losing Team Rule – even friendly competition has consequences. At the outset of the game establish the stakes.  Cheap trophy held by the winners until next year?  Amazing how hard people will play for bragging rights…
  • Friendship – it is important to remember that these are your friends and even in light of a devastating loss (including controversial calls at the plate), hard feelings cannot linger. They got the better of you this time.  Wiffle it up next cabin visit!

Get on your Cabin Guy t-shirt and Cabin Guy baseball cap and get ready to play.

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