How To Embrace The Cabin Life When You Don't Own A Minnesota Cabin

February 24, 2022

How To Embrace The Cabin Life When You Don't Own A Minnesota Cabin

Rustic cabins in the woods. Lodges in the mountains. Shacks at the lake. Cabin-themed resorts. All different yet all have one common theme - cabin life. I live for cabin life and am so grateful for all of the memories made at cabins which just goes to prove that even without being a Minnesota cabin owner, I’m the proud owner of many many cabin stories and memories.

Growing up in Minnesota there is something so innate about going to the lake or the cabin, even when your family doesn’t own one themselves. I grew up spending weekends with cousins at my grandparents’ cabin near Mankota. We visited our family friends’ cabin in Deerwood Minnesota every summer from the early 90’s until they sold it just a few years ago. After high school, we had lots of fun at friends’ cabins playing yard games and sipping beverages on boats. I spent my bachelorette weekend at a cabin with my girlfriends and family members. And now, my family has begun a yearly tradition of renting a cabin for a week every summer. 

There’s just something about kicking back, enjoying the outdoors and sharing traditions with people you love the most that make cabin life so desirable. There are foods we always enjoy at the cabin, like Von Hanson’s pretzels and puppy chow and fresh-caught fried fish.

Cabin snacks from Von Hanson's

There are games we only play at the cabin like ghosts in the graveyard, spoons and cribbage. There are no to-do lists, but there are things that must be done - catching the sunsets over the lake followed by bonfires every night, thanking the Legion, and early morning fishing trips. Afternoons are for floating and boating on sunny days or heading to town to shop on rainy days. Time escapes us as the days pass making mealtimes often far later than usual. Hearty meals are eventually shared around a picnic table by citronella candles. Classic rock is the music of choice. Cocktails are best enjoyed in a thermos. Life is just plain ole good. 

Where there’s a cabin, there are good times to be had so whether you’re getting away for a week, weekend or even just a night, embracing the cabin life is something we all should try to do a little more often - no matter the season. Consider this your sign to book the cabin trip with your family or friends. Why wait until you can afford to buy your own to start making cabin life memories? I can promise, you won’t regret it.

Celebrating memories at the cabin

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