My Winter Cabin Visits are a Solitary Journey

January 12, 2022

Driving to a winter cabin snowy road

As much as I love long summer days at the lake, there is something really special about visiting my cabin in the winter. Like any home, cabins need care and attention, and I like to make regular visits during the winter to make sure things are looking good. As much as I tell myself and others this is a chore, the truth is that I love these winter trips because I enjoy the cabin in a different way. 
Driving on winter road with beautiful snow covered trees
Truck packed with the bare essentials - no needs for a massive Costco run! - I set out.  The miles roll by, with the familiar scenery in hibernation. As I drive the roads almost on autopilot, I feel the cares of the moment start to recede and turn up the volume on the Cabin Guy Road Trip playlist on Spotify. Rolling to the cabin.  Pulling in I hear the snow creaking under the tires, and I am glad I brought my deep snow boots to shovel a path to the door. There the cabin sits, an old friend keeping an eye on the lake below. 
Frozen sunny lake below my cabin
My cabin dog (Bailey) barrels out of the truck, sniffing the possibilities. I am back. Let’s get this place warmed up…
Unlike the summer where the cabin is filled with friends and family, a winter visit may be a solitary journey. The energy and buzz of the summer is great, but so is the peaceful solitude that accompanies a winter visit. The lake is silent. The woods are quiet with various tracks the only evidence of the wildlife making their way through the winter months.
Turkey tracks in the winter snow by my cabinTurkeys by my cabin in the winter
I am still connected by technology, but somehow I pay less attention and allow the days to take on a slower rhythm. My whole being is taking a break. I think some of my best thinking happens in these moments. Some of my best sleep for sure.
Most of the time, the cabin is about reconnecting with the people I care about the most in my life.  When I am at the cabin in the winter, I reconnect with myself.  This is the life.
Snow covered apple tree

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