Top 10 things you don’t want to hear at the Cabin!

January 21, 2022

Sitting around a fire pit at the lake cabin telling stories

Believe it or not the below list are real things that have actually been said by Cabin Guys (us) over the years.  When you hang on the dock, float on the pontoon, or sit inside on rainy days as much as we have over the years, the truth reveals itself and it isn’t alway pretty.
Top 10 things you don’t want to hear at the Cabin
10. It's time to get up. Tee time is in 15 minutes and it’s a 30 minute drive.
9. I think we are out of beer and I know we are out of toilet paper.
8. Did we leave him at the bar?
7. There's no gas in the boat
On the dock putting gas in the boat at the lake cabin
6. Let’s see what happens if I throw this on the fire
5. Don't mess with me…I played hockey
4. Glad I brought my lifejacket…never thought I would see a boat actually sink…we are total idiots
Cabin dog in a lifejacket at the lake
3. Jägermeister shots for everyone!
2. I love you man (To be honest this is one you sometimes like to hear)
1. I just saw a skunk in the yard and let your dog out when I came inside.
Share with all of us some of the things you have said or heard friends and family say at the cabin. 
They may have made you or a friend at the cabin smile, laugh, ponder, question their sanity, or sometimes get upset... but they all hold a special place in your memory from the Cabin and the friends and family that you enjoy it with.

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